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Posted by: Mitchell Refractive Surgery & Eye Center

With COVID-19, more people are working from home than ever before solely using a computer, which can strain your eyes. With our daily lives, we tend to neglect the care for our eyes. During these unprecedented times is the perfect time to think about how you can care for the health of your eyes. Mitchell Eye Center in Boca Raton, FL has tips on how to care for your eyes.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

You might not realize it, but blue light is prominent when staring at computer screens. Blue lights can dry out your eyes and cause headaches, especially at night. Blue light filtering glasses are affordable and can be easily bought online. When wearing them, you will notice a difference in how blue light is eliminated. Blue light filtering glasses prevent headache, tired eyes, and help prevent worsening of your vision.

Adjust Screen Settings

Along with blue light filtering glasses, consider looking into your laptop or computer settings to adjust the brightness or color of the screen, such as the blue lights. If you work at night, especially consider adjusting the blue light and brightness of your screen.

Take a Break

You can help take care of your eyes when working on a computer screen all day by taking 20 second breaks looking away from a digital screen every 20 minutes-half hour. This will help refresh your eyes from the strain. When doing this daily, you can create this as a healthy habit.

Wear your Glasses or Contacts

Some people have glasses but do not like wearing them out in public or forget to wear their glasses or put in their contacts. Being at home more now with COVID-19 is the perfect time to wear your glasses more consistently. This can also become a healthy habit of your remembering to wear your glasses or put in your contacts. Wearing your prescription glasses or contacts as much as possible, especially when staring at a screen, will prevent worsening of eye vision and actually help improve vision.

Annual Eye Exam

Annual eye exams are crucial, even for people who do not have vision problems who might think he or she does not need an eye exam. An Optometrist can check the health of the eye itself, your vision, and if your vision is worsening. Call your local eye doctor today to schedule your annual eye exam.

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